Corporate Social Responsibility at Danisense

At Danisense we try to follow and update our CSR policies to our changing business environment.

Currently we have three major headlines for our CSR goals.

  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Ensure a healthy work environment for employees during COVID-19 crisis
  • Secure health employees

Our investments in a 44kWp solar power plant on our roof is a very important part of reducing our Carbon footprint.

Another area where we have made big changes is on our heating systems, where we have cut the connection to the natural gas supply and completely removed all gas burners from our building and replaced all heating with state of the art air-to-water heatpumps.

By these actions we will safe the environment of 20 Tons of CO2 anually.


During Covid-19 we have changed the entire layout of the production area and also installed hand alcohold dispensers around the building, and we have had longer periods were employees have been working remotely to reduce the number of employees in the building.