600A to 3000A

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Product Peak & DC current @23C wxhxd(mm) D(mm) Ratio Output / Connector Comment
DS1000UBSA-10V      1000A 121.4x107.5x44.5 27.6 10/1000 V/A DSUB/BNC  
DS2000ICLA 3000A 239.8x230x82 68 1/1500 DSUB/BNC Calibration 100turns
DS2000IDLA 3000A 239.8x230x82 68 1/1500 DSUB  
DS2000IDLA-C100 3000A 239.8x230x82 68 1/1500 DSUB Calibration 100turns
DS2000UBLA-1V 3000A 239.8x230x82 68 1/2000 V/A DSUB/BNC  
DS2000UBLA-10V 2200A 239.8x230x82 68 1/200 V/A DSUB/BNC  
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